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Benefits of Membership
All memberships are active for 12 calendar months from June 1st to June 1st.

About the Gates Historical Society
Founded in 1999, the Gates Historical Society manages the Hinchey Homestead for the Town of Gates, provides educational programs and events for its members and the public.

Programs are held the 3rd Monday of the month, March through November, at the Gates Town Hall at 7 pm. This facility is handicapped accessible.

The Society also provides an archive of written, photographic and audio-visual materials on the Town of Gates, including genealogical resources, housed at the Hinchey Homestead and available upon request for research.

Members of the Society benefit from reduced rates for programs and events and enjoy the three times a year newsletter.

The Society is chartered by the New York State Department of Education and is a 501[c]3 organization under US Federal law.


Become a Member
If you would like to become a member of the Gates Historical Society please:

  1. Download our Membership Form (pdf format)
  2. Print a copy of the form
  3. Make your check payable to the Gates Historical Society and mail it along with the completed form to:
    Gates Historical Society
    634 Hinchey Rd.
    Rochester, NY 14624

House Tours

  • How does 140 years of history fit under one roof? Come see as we take you on a journey through our historic house in the heart of Gates. In the late 1800s, the Victoria era ushered in houses of beauty and splendor, The Hinchey Homestead still stands today as breathtaking reminder of a golden age.
  • Personally guided tours afford a rare opportunity to glimpse a by-gone era and experience the warmth of the Gates history in a truly old-fashioned style.
  • Visit a magical world, surrounded by colorful toys made between 1880 and 1939.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to step back in time.
  • Members tour the house for free!
  • Dedicated to interpreting the Victorian period and Gates's only remaining pre-20th Century site. One of Gates oldest remaining structures, the Hinchey Homestead explores the lives of the wealthy and their servant classes alike.


The satisfaction of preserving New York history for generations to come.







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