Who would have thought three months ago how a distant virus in China would change our lives! Truly we are a small world and what one does affects us all.

On behalf of the Gates Historical Society, I want to thank those of you who have kept our goals in mind while you've been self quarantined at home. Thanks to your generosity over the past two months, we are already a third of our way towards our goal for this year of $15,000 to rebuild the signature white picket fence in front of the Hinchey Homestead, 634 Hinchey Road. We are truly blessed with loyal supporters.

These times are hard for us all. So many people have lost jobs.  Our society has lost needed income too from canceled tours and exhibits. To find out more about the Gates Historical Society, visit us at www.gateshistory.org or email GatesHistoricalSociety@gmail.com

Thank you for taking care of one another and for finding creative ways to link to your family, friends and neighbors. We are truly all in this together and together we will adapt and overcome.

Most gratefully, Susan Swanton, President 4/7/2020



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